Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Opifex Vocatuum

So I’ve finally started another project (along with Daniel Bentall, Simon Richards, and Joshua Jordan) that I’ll attempt to use to kickstart me actually blogging.1 Bet you can’t guess what it is from the title.2

A cocktail maker! I’ve been wanting to make one of these for years, ever since I saw one posted somewhere on the interwebs; I want to say it was on reddit, but I think this was before I’d even discovered reddit. The only example of a similar device that I can find at the moment is The Inebriator, but that’s a lot more commercialised than what we’re planning on.

I’m currently planning on posting every 2 or 3 days about this, hopefully it will promote me to actually keep on working on this steadily. The posts will generally be quite short,3 both so I don’t get too distracted when trying to finish one and so I have enough material to keep posting with regularly.4 Coming up next will be a few posts detailing a broad overview of the system, followed by the initial section that I’m planning to work on. 5

  1. Third time’s the charm, right?5

  2. Declining those Latin nouns took far longer than it should, I really need to learn Latin properly someday.

  3. Although probably longer than this one.

  4. How long will my posting spree last this time? Can I beat my current record of one post before dropping a topic.

  5. Shout out to Lauren Wayne for an easy way to do footnoting in Blogger, I’m going to be using this all the time from now. Adapted it a bit to use an ordered list for nicer formatting of larger footnotes, but all the essentials are stolen from there. I don’t think I’m going to last very long doing this by hand though, I should try and find some way to get Markdown to do it for me.

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